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I've been using the Aphrodite for about a week now and have already noticed huge changes in my skin. My skin is brighter, pores are smaller and blackheads are completely gone! It really does provide a deep clean and has made my products work much more effectively.

Jess Y.

The Hygea is so easy to use and super easy to clean! I've been using it for a little now and I've already noticed improvements with the texture and brightness of my skin. Since the device is so small as well I can't wait to take it with me when I travel to keep my skin feeling smooth and clean!

Claudia M.

I am in love with the Aphrodite! I've been using it everyday for 2weeks now and it has helped smoothen out the lines on my forehead and beside my eyes! I'm 50 going on 21! I've used so many different devices and products that haven't even come close to helping my skin as much as the Aphrodite has! Great to see a product for us older women too!

Gina T.

The Hygea is by far my favourite. It works amazing with my gel, liquid, cream and oil cleansers. I love that it’s silicone and so easy to clean after I’m done. I’ve tried it with my serums and oils post cleansing as well and works great. The sleek look is a bonus.

Juliet K.

I was really impressed with how my skin felt after the first use! I’d definitely recommend this! It would be awesome if you guys had a Cleanser as well!

Diane L.

I start using my Aphrodite around upper arms and thighs with anti cellulite gel to firm my skin, after I tried my skin was so soft!!!. I will definitely recommend this product, fast shipping and excellent customer service. Also nice packaging, Thank you!!!

Pamela C.